Zain Bahrain, a prominent telecom operator in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has introduced a series of new services to significantly enhance customer experience.

The innovative telecom company has deployed the most advanced Customer Visit Management system, giving customers swift seamless service with the highest level of care whenever they visit any of the 22 retail experience outlets of Zain Bahrain. Furthermore, customers can now also schedule and reserve their visit to any retail experience outlet beforehand by simply visiting the official Zain Bahrain website or calling the customer service helpline.

Customers, who are members of Zain’s exclusive Signature VIP program, can also enjoy an instant access to priority service and care when visiting an experience shop.

Zain’s Director of Sales and Customer Care, Arslan Khan said providing the best experience, more ease and convenience to the growing customer base is their top priority. Khan said that taking innovation to the next level is their passion and they continuously challenge themselves to introduce technology and services that are truly customer centric.

The telecom operator has recently rebranded its entire retail footprint with a colourful theme that is set in a very pleasant environment where customers can find device displays, demos, interactive product screens and self-service machines. Zain has also opened a new experience outlet in the City Centre of Bahrain.

Zain has also introduced Smart Desks at its experience shops which are completely dedicated to providing aftersales technical service to customers who have smartphones, tablets, laptops and broadband devices.

That’s not all, the company has also introduced a Live Chat support service for its customers at eight of its main experience outlets, where visitors can chat with a dedicated CSR (customer service representative) to get answers to their queries.