VIVA Bahrain in cooperation with Syniverse has introduced new data roaming packages. These packages are customizable, which are being introduced for the first time in the region. The new packages will be available to both, pre-paid and post-paid customers. The new roaming packages are likely to enhance customer experience as it offers convenience to roaming customers.

The company is offering various data packages, which customers can select based on their usage requirements. In order to allow customers to monitor their data usage and other roaming options, a solution suite has been designed, which provides insight into the roaming and data consumption.

Saad Odeh, VIVA Bahrain Chief Wholesale and Enterprise Officer, said that VIVA is committed to providing the most innovative services and premium customer experience through new offers and packages. He further added that the company partnership with Syniverse will enable subscribers to control their data consumption while they are in roaming mode. The service offered are tailored made to suit different locations. Additionally, the new service will allow customers to manage and control their costs, with a feature that will send alerts via text messages when the limit has been reached.

Nour Al Atassi, Regional Vice President and Managing Director, Middle East and Africa, Syniverse said that data has become a necessity for mobile users, just like voice and messaging was a few years back. He further added that the agreement with VIVA Bahrain will yield positive results, and the latest partnership is a step forward in a strong relationship between the two companies based on mutual trust and understanding.