FGB has launched a new initiative which allows credit card holders to choose and switch from various loyalty programs that are being offered. FGB is one of the most popular banks in the region, striving to introduce new and innovative service for its customers. The latest addition to the bank’s list of value added services is best-in-class credit card loyalty platform, which offers flexible and comprehensive loyalty platform for its credit card holders.

Girish Advani, Head of Mass Market Segment at FGB, highlighted the importance of customer loyalty in various industries. He also explained customers’ expectations from the banks which include flexibility and adaptability. He also said that it is important for banks to not only retain the existing customers, but also acquire new customers through loyalty programs and other incentives.

In a recent study titled, ‘Driving greater loyalty in the Middle East’ from global loyalty agency ICLP, it was revealed that 63% of UAE consumers prefer brands that offer loyalty programs, while 55% prefer brands they are loyal to.

Girish Advani said that FGB wants to improve customer service standards for all its customers with the help of a tailored banking experience. He said the single platform for various loyalty programs is a result of customers’ constant insistence. Mr. Advani expressed confidence in the new loyalty platform and hopes that it would enhance the customer experience.