RTA in a bid to enhance customer service experience and increase employee satisfaction has launched a number of new initiatives.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced multiple initiatives for the well-being and happiness for both internal customers and external customers. The organization believes in strengthening its relationships with its customers through new and innovative services.

Mansour Rahma Al Falasi who is the Director of Administrative Services at RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector said that the all 3500 employees and 2896 drivers of public transport will benefit from the initiatives being introduced for their welfare. He further elaborated how new policies will not only bring more happiness for internal employees of the company, but benefit all stakeholders who interact with RTA for operational activities. The company aims for a 90% customers’ satisfaction which is a standard benchmark internationally.

Al Falasi also outlined how RTA plans to introduce automation for various internal services at the Services Support Center along with opening of new smart channels to receive service request through mobile phone apps. In addition to the availability of new channels for communication, conventional channels such as e-mail and Call Center will be available 24 hours a day.

As part of RTA’s strategic goal, the company wants to maintain continuous internal and external communication with various departments and ensure efficient communication. The organization also wants to gauge the level of employees’ satisfaction through open communication and suggestions from the employees. “Perception Points”, a new feedback mechanism has been established by the company which will help promote a culture of innovation and enable the organization to deliver exceptional customer service experience.