Customers can now purchase e-vouchers from over 3000 departmental stores in the UAE for top up purposes.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, has publicized the introduction of a new Salik balance recharge service for customers via the e-vouchers. The service is now functional and is accessible across the whole country. RTA is looking to offer customers with convenient and accessible services, which improves their customer experience and decreases the effort from their side.

The new e-vouchers are being made available at multiple locations, so customers can use them to top up their balance. The launch of the e-vouchers enhances service delivery by RTA, which is looking to provide customers with various e-channels to deliver service, such as dialing (800-salik)80072545, or using their credit card at the website , through the service kiosks, or even using the ePay or mPay services.

“This step underscores RTA’s keenness and endeavors to offer distinguished customers service at the highest quality standards, and at the same time sort out logistical issues, and conserve the environment through eliminating the procedures of transporting and delivering cards to suppliers,” said Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency.

The new e-vouchers for recharging have been introduced by RTA in collaboration with Axiom Telecom. They are available in over 3000 departmental stores, so customers can easily utilize the service. The e-vouchers can be purchased for different values as per need, ranging from Dh50, Dh100 and Dh200.