Customers using the public transport service by the RTA, are satisfied by the convenience of the Nol card and continue to purchase them.

Sales of the Nol cards have seen a rise from the time it was introduced in August 2009. As per the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), sales of the cards have gone up by 52 percent as compared to the year before it.

Khalid Al Awadi, Director of RTA Automated Fare Collection, said: “The total number of Nol cards sold in the first half of this year amounted to 1.226 million whereas the number recorded during the same period last year was 806,000; which translates into a 52 percent increase.”

The Nol card service is widely used by the public for the metro, water bus, public transport and taxis. There are several types of Nol cards which customers can use according to their travel requirements. More information about the cards and how to renew them is available on

RTA has been working towards improving the service it provides to the public, by constantly upgrading their services and meeting customer needs. The Nol card has also been facilitating customers by letting them pay for the inter-city bus service as well. The quality services have led to it being honored as the Best Partnership with the Public in the inaugural edition of the Hamdan bin Mohammad Smart Government Awards.

As part of several initiatives for customer convenience, RTA also recently announced adding more self-service kiosks after customers made above 70,000 transactions through the smart kiosks since December last year.