Customers travelling from Abu Dhabi will get free rides for up to Dh150 for one week, starting Wednesday.

Uber, a grand chauffeur service in Abu Dhabi, which lets customers’ book cars through the use of a smart phone app, will now be free for a week. All customers will have the option of 20 free rides, each for the value of Dh150, from Wednesday until Tuesday.

“If the customer has a journey that is Dh80 then it will be free “But a journey from Abu Dhabi to Dubai for example is usually around Dh330. “It means customers will only have to pay Dh180 under the offer and that’s still cheaper than using a normal taxi” said Sebastien Wakim, Director General for Uber in Abu Dhabi.

The app is in the direction to improve customer service and increase convenience for customers traveling from Abu Dubai. New customers can simply download the Uber smartphone app from iTunes or Google Play, and use the promotion code: UberLovedAD. The offer is valid for Uber’s black limousines service which includes Lexus, BMWs, and Audis.

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