The new android app helps the residents of Abu Dhabi to inform food violations instantly through the use of their mobile phones.

This will allow people to inform regulators of any kind of food violation, where ever they spot it. Under the “Food Safety Guard” module, residents can let the authority know about the situation and update them on the violation seen.

“It is also now possible for the people of Abu Dhabi to inform ADFCA about food safety violations directly by taking pictures and identifying the location on the interactive map,” said Omar Al Nuaimi, the director of the IT division at the authority.

The app is available only on android operating phones and is developed by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, which plans to release it on other operating systems soon as well.

This is a great move forward since it will help improve the service provided in Abu Dhabi and will create a service standard for the food providers, especially in restaurants and local chains, which may be compromising on hygiene. Customers will feel more relaxed when purchasing food items since they will know they can complain a violation at all times, giving them the power to demand quality.

The bench of quality service will also be raised in the food industry, since businesses will be more careful now due to high level of control and transparency in the quality measurement. Customers can instantly take pictures and identify the location, making it hard for businesses to escape the control, especially since the app will be linked with social websites that spread news like fire anyway.

Mohammed Al Rayssi, director of communication and community service, said the authority is looking forward to improve quality standards of customer service and effectiveness through smart applications, which will improve productivity by almost 80 percent in his view.