Mobily upholding its tradition of innovation and the use of latest technology recently launched “iHealth” devices which are designed to monitor and report physical activities. Mobily is a leading telecommunication company in KSA and the first to launch iHealth devices.

“iHealth” portfolio includes a total of 4 devices. These include two blood pressure monitors, one can be around the wrist, while the other one is designed for the arm. These devices are enabled to accurately measure and report blood pressure. Another device called the “Blood Glucose Monitor” measures the sugar level in the blood, which means users can constantly monitor and control it. “Pulse Oximeter” offers an accurate and convenient way to check blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. This device will be helpful for people suffering from general respiratory problems.

All of these devices are user friendly, which means it is fairly easy to use and benefit from them. Moreover, these device are linked to certain apps, downloadable from Google Play Store, which means that all the data from these devices can be collected, organized, shared and accessed anytime. Users can directly send all the data to their physicians. The data is available in real-time.

The latest initiative is part of Mobily’s long-term strategy to innovate from being just a telecom operator into an integrated services provider. Through these initiatives the customer experience of users will also be improved as it provides them with more options.