Mobily has unveiled the new Wajid Smart package, as part of new “Wajid” postpaid portfolio. The new package offers several innovative features including 5000 minutes talk time within Mobily network, while the package allows 500 minutes talk time with numbers from other networks. 5,000 SMSs within the network, while 500 off-net SMSs are also part of the package. The package comes with 5GB volume of internet usage per month.

As part of the launch of “Wajid Smart”, Mobily offered a generous 50% discount for the first three months on the monthly subscription charges.

The network has also added silver and bronze distinctive numbers, along with discounts on smartphones. 50%, 35% and 25% discounts have been given on internet roaming packages for “Wajid Extra”, “Wajid Smart” and “Wajid Plus” respectively. With the introduction of the new package, per MB cost of data has come down to 30 Halalas per MB. “Wajid” packages are known to offer exclusive and unique service, which allows customers to share monthly features of voice minutes, SMS, and internet data with other Mobily clients, both, postpaid and prepaid. In order to share the features, the relevant numbers are added.

Mr. Ali S. Al Dakheel, General Manager Consumer Acquisition at Mobily commenting on the launch of the new package said that Mobily is committed to providing for the needs of all segments of customers, which is clearly reflected in the latest package update. He further explained the proactive role the company has played in launching new and innovative products, and staying a step ahead from the competitors. He also outlined the importance of postpaid packages in the kingdom and how the company is keen to serve and maintain customer service standards.