Mobily for its Hala International package introduced a new offer that allows its new customers 100% free bonus credit and up to 2 Gigabytes internet upon credit recharge of 10 SAR or more.

Mobily free credit are valid for voice calls and SMS within its network. The package also offers international SMS and internet to its customers. The latest move is likely to enhance the network competitiveness and add value to customer experience. Mobily international package offers best rates in Saudi Arabia for international voice calls. The call rates for Egypt, Jordon, Sudan, India and Bangladesh is 55 halalas, and the price to Pakistan, Philippine and Nepal is 65 halalas, and the price to Syria, Indonesia, Turkey, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka is 99 halalas.

For new and existing Mobily customers special rates of 25 halalas for international SMS makes the offer appealing for customers.

Mobily has continuously thrived to improve its services by offering competitive calling rates. International calls are cheapest in the entire kingdom, since the company owns international roaming agreements with all countries, both, for prepaid and postpaid packages. Addionlly, MMS and data roaming services are also best in the region in terms of customer experience.

Mobily has been focused on providing better offers to customers, as they launched the new Wajid Smart Package about a month back. This package was a part of their “Wajid” postpaid portfolio. It offers customers with new and innovative options which also consist of a 5000 minutes talk time within the Mobiliy network and a total of 500 minutes for connections on the rest of the networks.