Looks like Middle East based airlines are on a roll. Winning one global award after another, Emirates, Qatar Airways and now Etihad have become the world’s best choice for the ultimate air travel experience.

For the fifth consecutive year, Abu Dhabi based Etihad has won the ‘Leading Airline of the World’ award at the 20th World Travel Awards held in Doha Qatar on Nov 30th 2013.  It won 2 additional awards for ‘World’s Best First Class’ and ‘World’s Best Cabin Crew’.

Dubai based Emirates also scooped up 2 awards for ‘World’s leading airline lounge (Dubai),’ and ‘World’s Leading Airline Rewards Program.’

By the same token, ‘The World Airline Awards,’ hosted by Skytrax in Paris earlier this June ranked Emirates as the ‘World’s Best Airline 2013,’ with Qatar Airways in 2nd place. Qatar Airways was chosen ‘World’s Best Airline’ by Skytrax twice consecutively for 2011 and 2012 while Etihad airlines retained ‘Best First Class’ for the 4th consecutive year.

This string of awards by both global airline ranking systems share one common element the research, ratings, reviews behind the awards and the awards themselves establish the fact that all three Middle East based airlines have taken customer service to a whole new level by setting new benchmarks in customer comfort and luxury travel. The ratings by Skytrax were based on the reviews of 681 airlines and 725 airports and polled by 18 million travelers worldwide while ‘World Travel Awards’ conduct an annual global campaign with online research and assessment systems in place.