Customers offered with Mashreq’s E Cube Retail Concept for enhanced customer service and improved experience at the Sharjah City Center Branch.

UAE’s leading bank, Mashreq publicized the launch of its new branch located in Sharjah City Center, which brings to its customers an Evening Banking experience in Sharjah for the very first time. The service will provide customers of Mashreq bank with a feature called Mashreq’s E Cube Retail Concept which offers fast service and enhances customer experience by offering smart banking and improved communication channels through advanced devices.

The branch, which is situated on the first floor of Sharjah City Center, will also make available the service of Mashreq Gold, which is the priority banking offering customers with wealth management and priority support. The new speedy service will let customers instantly print their cheque books, debit and credit cards within 30 minutes, enhancing the customer service provided and saving time spent by the customer. The launch of the branch was joined by both the staff and customers of Mashreq, which was led by Farhad Irani, Head of Retail Banking and Shaker Zainal, Regional Head of Distribution.

Shaker Zainal, Regional Head of Distribution, said: “We continue to show our commitment to the Emirates and proudly announce this opening in Sharjah City Center. Recently we proudly inaugurated our Al Ain branch and Sharjah City Center has followed suite, being a very strategic location for us. As always – we put our customers first and the Bank’s expansion strategy continues to focus on offering innovative financial solution to customers”

Zainal added, that they are excited about expanding their new technology offerings to this branch and assisting customers in having an enhanced experience at the bank. He said the bank focuses on guaranteeing that customer banking needs are looked after.