Etisalat Group Introduces connect service to help customers manage their digital identity and protect privacy.

Etisalat Group introduced Etisalat’s Mobile Connect service across all major global operations, which include Middle East, Africa and Asia. The latest feature will allow customers to manage mobile identity, and facilitate authentication on website and mobile applications.

The Chief Digital Services Officer at Etisalat, Khalifa Al Shamsi, stressed the importance of phone number being increasingly used a unique identity for mobile users all over the world. He further explained how mobile operators are in a unique position to help customers manage this secure digital identity to access a wide range of advanced and innovative services.

“Etisalat Mobile Connect” provides a secure digital environment for customers, who wish to engage with various businesses on regular basis. The service also aims to help propel governments’ plans for smart cites and eGovernement services. Using mobile numbers as authentication keys will allow users to login to any device or service, without the hassle of remembering username and passwords.

Etisalat’s latest Open ID Connect will help customers protect their data, hence adding another layer of security. Moreover, the new feature also allows up-to-date notification with the changes monitored in rea time. Irrespective of the platform, the users have full visibility and control over their account, resulting in an enhanced and secure customer experience.

Mr. Al Shamsi talked about the need for a digital identity solutions, so that access to digital content services can be made more accessible, including eCommerce, eHealth, eGovernment services and online banking. This will also help users avoid the trouble of managing multiple login account and credential combinations. He commented on users’ changing needs for convenience, security and privacy, and the ability to guard their digital identities, which will make it easier and safer for users to access digital services. He believes that Etisalat, with the feature, is addressing all these needs and challenges through Mobile Connect Services.

Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA in a statement told the press about need for digital security owing to increasing connectedness and accumulation of wide range of private information on the internet services. He further said that Etisalat and the global MNO community are uniquely positioned to meet these challenges and help consumers, application developers, merchants and government agencies achieve the aim of streamlining digital identity and securing private data.

In order to use this service, customers can sign in via app or a website which supports ‘Mobile Connect’. The users can simply click on the Mobile Connect Button using their mobile phone number as an authentication key. This will unlock the account through the mobile phone, allowing users to create a new mobile identity to manage their online activities.