Hamza Nasir from LiveAdmins JLT spoke to Abu Dhabi Radio Station about improving customer service for businesses through live chat service.

In a radio interview on February 20th, Hamza Nasir, Director Strategic Relations at LiveAdmins JLT spoke about how his company’s software delivers customer service to multiple websites of clients around the globe.  He highlighted the misconception that live chat software was only used by businesses looking to enhance online sales but served multiple functions of providing customer support and services.

Speaking to the radio show he said, “We define the goal according to what your business does”. It does not matter if the client is a school, hospital or NGO; live chat service can always come in handy for optimizing visitor experience. Giving an example of a school website, he said the multipurpose service could even be used to help customers fill out admission forms.

Emphasizing the importance of his company’s services for businesses he said “A typical website which does not have something like this is losing about 97% of traffic.”

He explained how conveniently a business could interact with customers coming onto their website from diverse nationalities through his company’s “WebGreeter service”. The company has offices situated all over the world with operators skilled in several languages such as Arabic, German, English, Spanish and French working 24/7.