Black Falconflyer card members to enjoy the most elite flying experience with Gulf Air.

Gulf Air, Bahrain’s national carrier has announced the launch of its new loyalty program card. Falconflyer loyalty program card members will be receiving new benefits and premium customer service. The new program is an extension to the already existing loyalty programs including Blue, Silver and Gold loyalty program tiers.

The black tier Falconflyer card will be valid for two years, during which time members will have access to exclusive range of services including 25kg excess baggage allowance and complimentary upgrades to Falcon Gold class. Moreover, the membership will also allow members to endorse a selected person for a complimentary Falconflyer Gold tier card.

Gulf Air Acting Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Ahmed Janahi said that he was delighted about the launch of the new loyalty program. He said that the new loyalty program gives the airline’s premium fliers access to premium rewards.

Gulf Air Senior Manager Customer Experience, Mrs. Kavita Al Jassim, commented saying that Gulf Air believes in rewarding its customers, such as offering multiple loyalty programs. She expressed hope regarding the success of the new loyalty program.

Gulf Air’s Falconflyer loyalty program was first launched two decades ago. It has over a million members across 100 countries. Members who are eligible for the new black card will be sent their new cards within a few weeks. More details about the loyalty program are available to customers on the official Gulf Air website.