Customers are being warned about fake calls, which ask for personal data such as bank account numbers and passwords etc.

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has been notifying mobile phone users about suspicious phones calls, which are scams and try to retrieve important data from customers. The caller pretends to be an official of a telephone service provider, and asks for data such as banks account and other private information, such as passwords to email and social accounts, by offering them with cash prizes etc.

The TRA is making efforts to create awareness among users, so they don’t become victims to such fake calls, and jeopardize important data and sensitive information. The TRA has also highlighted the fact that important data and personal information should not be shared over the phone or email. Avoiding sharing such information over communication channels will increase security and ensure safety for customers.

Mohammad Nasser Al Ganem, TRA Director-General, shed light on the need to be cautious of such calls and not share any information upon request. Customers are also asked to instantly report such calls, to the related emergency contact. He spoke about the impact of technological advancements, which are being negatively used by hackers to gather personal data illegally.