Etisalat and Accenture in a joint project have introduced the first Digital Index in the United Arab Emirates. The project will facilitate businesses and government organizations to assess their digital footprint and maturity in terms of a ranking system. Subsequently, this would help various organizations improve their ranking to fuel growth.

The index aims to provide insight on four sides: Organization and collaboration, IT and infrastructure, the customer experience, and channels and partners. This will provide organizations in UAE an understanding on how their performance is matched in comparison to international standards. It will also help these organizations gain a competitive edge in business areas such as recruitment, employee mobility, digital marketing, social media and e-commerce.

The digital index which will be available soon is free for all entities that are based in UAE. Online survey is available on Etisalat’s website which can be accessed by businesses to gauge their digital maturity.

Abdulla Hashim, Senior Vice President of Digital Services at Etisalat, said The Digital Index will help businesses in UAE by providing them a way to measure and improve their performance. He further added that Etisalat with the latest initiative hopes to raise awareness among organizations in UAE regarding use of digital innovations to meet requirements of their customers, employees and suppliers.

It is to be considered that through optimum use of digital solutions, operational efficiency and overall customer service experience can be improved.

Digital Index is designed to serve several functions for organizations in UAE. It will give organizations insightful information about their online presence, which will help them better understand the changing needs in today’s digital world. It will also help organizations figure out what needs to be done, in order to create value for the customers through modifications.