Telecommunications Company Etisalat has collaborated with MTN Group to increase its range of regional network by the support of Etisalat SmartHub, making advanced data network capabilities more extensive.

Smarthub is the best option for carriers and content providers who are looking to provide quality service and reliability. Smart hub delivers services through strong and protective security measures, making it convenient for carriers to operate.

It provides a thorough and secure infrastructure for carriers and content providers in the Middle East region.  This collaboration will become possible through MTN connecting with Etisalat’s SmartHub at Fujairah CLS.

Ali Amiri, executive vice president for carrier and wholesale services at Etisalat, said: “We are delighted to have such a prestigious telecom group as MTN join the SmartHub community of operators and content providers. SmartHub is designed to provide our partners with a one stop shop for connectivity to the region”.

This partnership with MTN Group showcases the importance of the SmartHub as well as puts UAE in the limelight as the regional hub for telecom services. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship and enhancing customer experience.”

This mutual beneficial relationship will help both businesses offer better service and delight customers through better connectivity and experience, this will encourage more customers to come in and opt for more secure and reliable connectivity along with high speed data services.

Jyoti Desai, group chief technology and information officer for MTN, said: “Etisalat’s Smarthub is seen as an important hub in our bid to expand MTN’s world class global multi-services network, as it allows us to provide advanced communication services to our customers in the Middle East and Africa.

The rising significance of UAE’s strategic position as the communication network hub for the Middle East and Africa region underpins the importance of this partnership in our expansion plan.”