Business customers can now utilize the Travellers Pack to track their international usage data spending when on roaming.

Etisalat has increased its network for Business Traveller Packs to 248 operators through 105 countries without any extra charges. The Business Travellers Pack varies from one-off packs to one monthly repeating packs. The prices of these packs begin at Dh60 for 100MB to Dh1500 for 10 GB, with varying prices of Dh200 for 500MB and Dh100 for 200MB.

Business customers can also use the pack offers to track international data usage in the course of their travel through automatic updates, which helps them gain more control on their roaming spending. This offers them a more convenient and comfortable customer experience. The data pack includes the option of email-only and email-plus-social- media packs as well as data for internet access and browsing online.

Salvador Anglada Chief Business Officer, Etisalat said that, as the local companies increase their international spread, the amount of international travel also grows. He said they were eager to help their business grow and make sure their business executives stay in touch both locally and internationally.

John Lincoln, Senior Vice President – Small and Medium Businesses, Etisalat said that, they are lots of small and medium, sized businesses (SMB) in UAE which have business abroad. For this customers of SMB need to have reliable and quality based data roaming services. He added that the Business Traveller pack deal offers value for money, transparency, predictability of cost and convenience for SMBs.