By creating a ‘real world’ training environment, branch employees will learn to use the bank’s systems efficiently in order to provide better customer service.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has launched a ‘Virtual Branch’ facility, which intends to provide bank employees with a better training experience on how the bank operates. This new facility is in line with the bank’s, “Customer First” philosophy which focusses on training employees for a more customer-centric approach.

The new virtual branch intends to simulate a real Dubai Islamic Bank branch and by creating a real training situation, branch employees will learn to use different facilities in the bank and serve the customers better. The virtual system has areas specified for CSRs, ATMs, help desks and branch manager. The new training facility also intends to improve employee productivity besides enhancing customer experience.

Obaid Al Shamsi, Chief of HR and Admin at Dubai Islamic Bank said that the bank has a large customer base in UAE and they have invested heavily in training staff so they are able to provide and maintain high standards of customer service.

Dubai Islamic Bank recently also introduced a development program to deliver high-potential staff career and personal growth opportunities. All these efforts are reflective of a focus on training employees for growth and delivery of better customer service.