The Telecom company plans to expand its retail stores in order to deal with growing customer service demands. Du in an attempt to increase its presence in the region has opened four new stores in Abu Dubai, UAE. The company plans to further expand its outreach by opening up more stores and meet the needs of its customers.

The company introduced new kiosks at Deerfields Mall, Mushrif Mall and Al Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi that will handle transactions from small and medium enterprises, home and mobile consumers. On the other hand, new outlet at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi will serve both consumers and enterprises. By the end of 2015, du plans 19% expansion of its retail network through opening of 10 new franchise outlets.

Ahmed Al Khaja, Vice President, Consumer-Direct Channels, du, said that the company has always thrived to build its brand and enhance customer service experience. He said that research indicated that the capital of UAE has great potential for growth in retail sector and the company plans to capitalize and serve the market.

He expressed hope in offering customer-centric experience to all customers to serve the changing needs of consumers. He said that du has been very careful in choosing reliable and trustworthy franchise partners and the company has full confidence about their performance.