Du has signed a deal with Travelling Connect to offer a global rewards program for roaming customers, which has several key benefits. The latest initiative is primarily designed to help roaming customers in the UAE, since it aims to keep all travellers connected during their stay and provide premium services.

The deal will enable all travellers, regardless of reason for their visit, uninterrupted mobile connectivity through du’s 4G LTE network. All customers including people travelling for business, in transit or on holiday will be able to benefit from various rewards and other privileges.

Travelling Connect customers can earn airline miles or hotel points if they use roaming services in UAE, which means they will be able to reap additional value from the use of 30 loyalty programs while they make calls and use mobile data. There are no membership charges and customers can sign up for free, regardless of their mobile carrier or country. Travellers are required to pre-register with Travelling Connect on their officially website. Upon their arrival in UAE, registered users will be able to connect to du network and stay connected during their stay. These initiatives will enhance the overall customer experience.

Ahmed Mokhles, Executive Vice President, Consumer Business expressed confidence in the recent partnership with Travelling Connect. He also commented on UAE becoming a global business and holiday destination and the need for seamless connectivity for all travellers.

Some of the highlights for customers using this program include: points-based system, which will allow users to earn frequent flyer miles and hotel points as they use Du’s mobile services. In order to use this service, travellers are not required to purchase a new, local SIM or even connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. Du’s 4G LTE network will automatically connect to home country’s SIM; hence the new service offers convenience and hassle-free transition. Moreover, travellers will be able to book and pay online for trips within UAE by simply exploring the welcome message when they connect with the du network. Once users earn the reward point, these can be redeemed in exchange for various services including complimentary flights, hotel stays and shopping.