Abu Dhabi Education Council has announced the introduction of a new service which will enable individuals to receive their certificates and other academic related documents without having to visit Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC’s) office. The new service offers convenience for clients, since they would get the documents delivered to their doorstep thus saving time and effort.

ADEC through this initiative is also likely to reduce traffic at their customer service office, since many people would use this service. The service is designed to accommodate the needs of all individuals including parents with school going children and individuals pursuing higher education. The new service aims to improve customer satisfaction level and offer a practical and convenient way to receive educational documents.

Mr. Saoud Al Neyadi, Customer Services Division Manager commenting on the latest development said that customers’ level of satisfaction and experience is likely to get a boost from the new service. He said that the project is in line with Abu Dhabi Education Council’s vision for excellence and premium customer service.

With the new service, customers won’t have to travel or make multiple visits to ADEC and receive their certificates and other documents via mail. The new service will eliminate any chances of documents getting lost or prolonged delays, which means that clients can expect their documents at their doorstep within 48 hours.

ADEC’s Customer Service Centre received 77,860 visits this year, which reflects the massive demand for document processing by individuals. The request included around 1,834 equivalency certificates, which is an attestation certificate for students who have completed their studies in a private school.

Mr. Al Neyadi assured that ADEC will continue to improve customer experience. He said that ADEC understands the needs of the general public and will keep introducing new services to help customers in the future.