Customers now demand mobile sites for online shopping because of ease of use and accessibility. Customers can easily shop or browse on their phones on the go. has launched their mobile website to take advantage of this trend and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Understanding consumer behavior and shopping patterns is essential for marketers when designing their company’s approach to targeting consumers and getting them purchase online.  Smart phones have become a major tool of interacting with consumers, especially since mobile usage and frequency has increased.

Companies are now offering their customers the choice of using a mobile site for the company, which is more dynamic and efficient for customers who have smart phones. Mobile sites provide a more user-friendly experience, deliver quicker page loads and are more dynamic – so customers don’t have to wait long and can buy their products online wherever they are. recently launched their mobile version of their website for its users so they can easily shop using their phones. Perfumesouq, an online branded perfume store, now let’s customers browse the online store through any web enabled phone or smartphone and make their purchase.

Customers of the website are provided with the service of being able to search and find items they want using the mobile optimized website. The website is optimized for the convenience of online customers with no delays in page loads or difficulty in navigating through the website.

The website has optimized the images of the site for the new mobile version so they load faster and fit better with the smart phone screen resolutions. The navigation buttons and tools on the website have also been optimized for touch screens.