Commercial Bank International (CBI) has launched a new rewards program which is being put forward to CBI credit card customers.

The CBI Rewards Card, a MasterCard Platinum Credit Card is designed to give customers multiple rewards and offers. The card provides customers with the utility of a credit card as well as a rewards program. For every purchase made through the card, the customers get points. Customers can redeem their points for cashback, airline tickets, hotel stays, car hire, online shopping etc.

The card comes with extra options and an improved customer experience, through which customers can use their collected points whenever they like, since they don’t expire.

David Power, CBI’s Head of Retail Banking, stated: “We are very excited to be launching this Rewards Program offered with our new Platinum Credit Card. This card gives CBI customers exactly what they want: more points, more convenience, and wider reward options. As one of the most generous rewards programs in the UAE, as well as being one of the easiest to understand, it offers exactly the kind of value we want to deliver to our customers.”