Customers of Al Khaliji will be enjoying better customer experience due to advancements in their online banking service.

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) Q.S.C. has publicized efforts in boosting their internet banking services in line for delivering enhanced customer experiences and smart banking for its customers.

The enriched services will provide customers with seamless and user-friendly experience, with more personalization for customer convenience. The service is currently only available for personal banking customers and will soon be obtainable for corporate and commercial accounts as well.

Improved features of the al khaliji internet banking include a noteworthy upgrade in user experience, functionality, speed and security. This will enhance service for the customers, as there is an improvement in speed and security.

al khaliji has been focusing on enhancing service for its customers and has made over 60 new developments, which include different ways to view and handle the account. The bank also researched on smart ways to improve security concerns, by consulting with experts and assessing innovative security measures for the service.