Developments at the Abu Dhabi International Airport made to improve efficiency and passenger management.

The Abu Dhabi Airports company has announced that they are working on improving facilities and services at the airport, to enhance customer service and offer better customer experience. The increase in traffic of passengers travelling from the Abu Dhabi International Airport has led the airport to enhance service and develop more facilities to cater to growing passenger needs.

Work on main passenger terminals has taken place to improve customer traffic management and easy transition through the terminals. The airport will be improving services by increasing flight capacity by 44 percent. The facility of 20 more boarding gates will be available to passengers travelling from Terminal 3, taking the total number of boarding gates to 66. Aircraft handling capacity will also be enhanced by 10 percent, by fitting six new code e-aircraft stands for larger aircrafts.

Terminal 3; the designated terminal for Etihad Airways now has 16 new X-ray machines installed, which will reduce waiting time for transfer passengers who can move through the security process much faster. Efficiency of baggage service will also be improved, by working on the baggage transfer system, which will speed up the process for passengers with connecting flights. The 40 percent increase in baggage handling capacity will improve the customer experience of the passengers, who will be benefitting from the efficiency and speed at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Ali Majed Al Mansoori, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Airports, said, “We’ve made great improvements all around the airport to ensure that all passengers, whether arriving, departing or transferring, will have a great start to their holiday journey.”

The number of flights being handled by Abu Dhabi Airport is expected to go up by 18% during the busy travel season.