Completion of tramway’s station was checked by Chairman Mattar Al Tayer, who visited the site to monitor progress.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has publicized that the Dubai Tram project is almost 93 percent completed, as per the state news agency WAM.  RTA’s Executive Director and Chairman Mattar Al Tayer visited the tram site and commented on the progress of work being done on the tramway’s stations and level of completion.

Al Tayer also did a round of the tram depot, to see how developments were unfolding. The tram depot consists of 11 buildings that have the capacity for about 25 trams. The depot has a control center within it, which monitors the rail operations, such as safety of doors, brakes and motors of each train and other processes such as air conditioners etc. The depot also has maintenance workshops and washing and cleaning workshops.

The Dubai Tram is expected to start functioning from November 2014 onwards, with 11 trains, running a distance of 10.6 km. The trains will be providing customers with convenience and speed, saving time and improving the customer experience of those who commute via the train.