RTA seeks insight from university students for smart apps to be made for customers using RTA services.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced its plans of 200 road services to be on apps by next year as part of the Dubai Smart Government initiative. The idea of these smart apps will further enhance the customer experience being provided by RTA. 60 students from different universities both local and international in the UAE will be joining to give ideas on design and final testing of the smart applications.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s licensing Agency, said they were looking to transform Dubai into the “smartest city” in the world in the next three years.

“This step is represented through adopting smart solutions and applications in various services and initiatives provided by the RTA to the public,” he said.

The plan will be achieved by working on it on a monthly basis and will spread over five stages. The RTA apps will let locals, expatriates and tourists enjoy the utility of whichever app they wish to choose, by installing them on their iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Android.

Students from universities will not be involved in the actual designing and building of the apps but will give ideas on how to increase the utility of the apps and make them easy to use.

“We have nine current services but RTA will design new ones in multiple applications with high level of consistency. These RTA apps will have a common look, common feature as well as distinction. The distinction is the feature of services across its website and on apps for the customers to be able to find the right services available in website itself or on apps,” he said.

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