Dubai Customs has seized 139 counterfeit items during the first half of 2014. The estimated value of the products seized by Dubai Customs is about AED 17.6 million.

The counterfeit products impounded included sunglasses, watches, automotive spare parts, mobile phones, apparels, and accessories.

The department has been working to counter all smuggling attempts as well as infringement on copyrights and issues involving piracy. The department has stated many factors which have contributed towards seizing these fake goods. One of the main reasons has been the use of state of the art facilities and time tested methodologies. Besides, Dubai Customs has also given special emphasis to training of inspectors and providing them with updated information about trademarks ownerships.

The department has pushed the inspectors to make extra efforts in uncovering all acts of smuggling counterfeited products into UAE. Dubai Customs said that it is deploying latest information technology applications and has developed “Risk Engine” system which ensures timely updates are provided to inspectors by collecting information from various sources. These updates help the staff timely identify suspected shipments with increased accuracy which also reduces the time required to clear legitimate goods.

The system assesses approximately 84% of transactions without involving any risk. Some of the shipments are cleared electronically besides requiring human intervention. The usual process takes less than 2 minutes time which includes client entering consignment data into Customs Clearance System and its assessment by the system. Clients can use various methods of entering the data including smartphones, internet and B2G.

These efforts by Dubai Customs will protect both consumers and businesses.