The extensive use of digital devices and channels has changed the buying behavior of customers. Therefore, it has become even more important for businesses to keep a track of the digital habits of consumers. In order to exceed the expectations of customers today, it is vital for businesses to know who iCustomers are and what they want. iCustomers is a category of consumers (mostly younger people) who are early adopters of the latest technology. They are ardent users of social media networks and prefer smartphones over PCs. These customers like internet videos/ads and content for a product more than the traditional techniques of marketing. According to a survey by Cisco Middle East, smartphones are the most preferred devices for the 18-34 age group in the region. While the same survey showed that 74% of smartphone users utilize digital devices for product research and purchase. So in order to better serve these customers you need to understand their digital needs!

Why is it important to understand these Customers’ Needs?

iCustomers is a diverse customer base ranging from gamers to professionals and understanding their needs is vital for every business. This would not only help businesses offer these customers a gratifying experience but is likely to help in branding as well. Moreover, understanding the evolving digital needs of iCustomers would help businesses devise a better and focused customer service strategy with prime focus on offering customers quick and proactive digital media for shopping, registering complaints and feedback. These customers love to network, serving them according to their liking and preferences would help brands attract new customers through word of mouth.

What do these Customers Want?

Here are five prime needs of iCustomers!

iCustomers Want Mobile Friendly Websites

The first and foremost thing these customers want is to access websites on their smartphones. So make sure that you have a mobile friendly website, give these customers online payment options and all your product features should be clearly listed on your webpage. For instance, if you are a business that sells watches online, the images of all the products should be high resolution. The prices and specs should be clearly listed, add product videos to make it easier for customers to have a detailed overview of the product and keep your payment and shipping methods simple and easy. Making everything accessible at the finger taps of these customers would entice them to shop from you.

These Customers Would Pay for Instant Mobile Solutions and Apps

According to Cisco’s Middle East survey results, 49% of smartphone users compare prices of various brands on their devices. iCustomers want convenience and instant mobile solutions, they would pay for an app that lets them find the best retailers around their area or an app through which they can pay their bills online. These customers will pay a little extra for convenience, so businesses should offer them easy and time saving mobile solutions and apps. For instance, a restaurant can introduce an app that enables customers to plan a dinner, or a birthday party in advance after viewing the details of every menu item along with décor and music suggestions. For complaint registration and refund/exchange, these customers should be given mobile solutions, for example, an easy to fill form online that upon submission gets the issue resolved within few hours.

iCustomers Rely on Word of Mouth Marketing

Since social media networks are the most reliable and widely used communication channels for these customers, they tend to rely on word of mouth marketing on social networks. iCustomers would prefer brands that are widely talked about on social media platforms. Tech savvy customers perceive a business on the basis of positive and negative comments shared, tweets and videos posted by customers. They would like or dislike a brand based on the views of the people in their social circle, traditional ways of marketing don’t allure them much. Influencers for these customers are the people they network with on social media, so for businesses it is important to have brand advocates on social media in order to grab their attention.

These Customers go for Brands that are Innovative

iCustomers like brands that offer them something new, unique and original. These customers compare brands on various factors; innovation, competitive pricing and a delightful digital experience are the major ones. They welcome anything new that stirs their interest, satisfies their digital needs and offers them value for money. The shopping trends of these customers indicate that they also want variety to choose from. They would stick to brands that upgrade their product catalogs with unique and more products. They want latest technology for every product/service they purchase, whether it is a washing machine or an internet service they would go for brands that offer them the best.

They Want Proactive Communication

Tech savvy customers check their smartphones and social media accounts countless times a day and they love to connect. Therefore, the best way businesses can win their hearts is to communicate proactively. Whether it’s a product query, a question about shipping destinations or a complaint, responding to these customers instantly would make them feel valued. These customers prefer an “interactive” experience, wanting quick and real time responses from the business. Proactively updating them about an impending issue, informing them about upcoming product launches and post-sale communication are some of the ways businesses can connect with these customers and build strong relationships with them.