The number of cinema options to choose from has multiplied in recent years, creating an extremely competitive market for owners and managers. Technology and innovation has also led to a higher demand in viewership, promising movie goers a real time cinema experience with 3D and 4D options. The goal is to provide a unique and entertaining experience to your customers which sets you apart from other cinemas. Here are some effective strategies that can enhance your cinema’s customer experience and keep the movie lovers coming back.


If you are one of those owners who will be holding a silver jubilee celebration in the memory of your last renovation, it is time you made a spine cracking attempt of sitting in those grand-dad chairs for 2-3 hours. We are not asking you to do a royal makeover of the place, but uncomfortable seats, tight spacing, bad sound system, etc. are not tolerable when one is there to enjoy a 3 hour long movie. Constantly upgrade and update your cinema or your customers will be turning away towards better options.


7 dollars for popcorns? No customer will appreciate overpriced food, it is in your own interest to maintain reasonable price standards. Furthermore, after reading a number of customer reviews, I came across a very interesting fact: A vast majority of people want cinemas to stop providing food items such as nachos, as they argue that the smell and crunching noise, ruins the movie experience. Even though this concern varies from person to person, it would be fair to say that the smell of cheese during the climax of the film can have a negative impact on the mood.

Rules & Regulations

This is arguably the most important point in my piece. Not only should your cinema make rules but also impose them! Some customers who come late, are noisy or misbehaving, not only spoil their own experience, but that of other customers as well. Hanging ‘no talking’ signs in the hall is not enough. Have your staff monitor screenings and look out for people who do not find it important and necessary to respect and follow regulations; saying good bye to a couple of such customers will surely gain you a larger customer base. Families and women avoid going to cinemas with a bad environment so make sure it is kept friendly for them.


Promotions and discounts are always the best way to attract customers; something on the lines of: free drinks on a purchase of more than 4 tickets, free screenings for mothers and kids on the opening show of a much awaited animated film, etc. This is a surefire way to win a larger customer base.

Cater To Needs of Disabled Customers

Everyone wants to enjoy a movie. It is of utmost importance that you cater to customers with special needs. Your cinema must be wheelchair accessible. Small gestures like creating a separate window and having staff appointed to help them out with everything will leave an everlasting positive impression on their minds.

Make sure your customers leave the building with a smile, this will get you good reviews and have more people come to your cinema to watch their favorite film.