Every business employs various marketing techniques for customer acquisition and retention. Some brands put up eye catching billboards making their products overly alluring for the customers and making claims like “the best beverage” or “the perfect trip planner”. While after purchasing the product or availing the service, the customers feel utterly disappointed. Making false promises for the sake of just selling your products/services might get you money (just once) but it is likely to make you lose the customers’ trust and tarnish your brand’s image. If you want to earn customers’ trust and loyalty, you have to offer the same; just like any other relationship, reciprocity is essential for customer brand loyalty.

Make Credible Claims

Many businesses find it necessary to use conventional, unrealistic marketing approaches for promoting their products/services. You should highlight the best features of your products but make them plausible enough for the potential buyers. Do not claim life time guarantee for a product when it is not going to last that long. Be honest to your customers and tell them the positives and negatives of a product. You can suggest some care instructions to enhance the life of a product but do not hide anything that will infuriate the customers later on.

Over Promising will Fail You

Do not make promises that you can’t possiblyfulfill. If you are charging your customers for product delivery, do not mention “Free Shipping” all over your website. Mention your price tags inclusive of all taxes and other charges. Do not make the customers pay an extra amount later. Do not make the customers regret for choosing you as a brand, instead make them feel privileged by meeting their expectations.

Listen to the Customers

If you want a lasting bond with your customers, start listening to them. When you offer them products/solutions according to their requirements, they will definitely value you as a brand. There are several ways of interacting with your customers, you can make quality assurance calls, communicate with them via live chat and respond to their comments on social media. The more attention you will pay, the more you will learn about them and be able to create satisfactory experiences.

Multi-Channel Communication requires Efficiency

It is not necessary that if your competitors are using various channels for communicating with their customers, you should follow suit.Using multiple communication media undoubtedly enhances your brand’s presence but at the same time, it bounds you to effectively respond to the customers through all mediums. If you actively interact with them on Facebook while taking days to reply to e-mail queries or miss out returning a call you are likely to lose a number of prospective customers. So instead of several communication channels use a few that you can manage efficiently and provide a quality customer experience.

Value the Customer

If you have staff who feels that addressing a VIP customer is more important than the complaining one, it would turn out to be a biased service practice that is likely to result in irreparable damage to your business. If you are seeking a lasting and strong relationship with your customers, prioritize “Customer Value” as the prime objective of your organization. Your managers, sales team and all the other staff should know that “Customer is the King.”