With the start of the New Year, customer service experience is expected to change for the better. Rapid advancement and usage in technology through different platforms is going to make its way to retailers, as well as e-commerce websites.

The influx of information readily available to customers through technology in their hands makes them expect more from companies than ever before. Research indicates that customers expect companies to put in more effort into providing a seamless experience using technology and data science.

Here is what customers are expecting from companies in 2016.

Increased Customer Personalization

Through websites, email newsletters, and mobile applications; customers will already have the information they want on products and services. They will also have access to reviews on those products and services from other customers. So what else can companies bring to the table for a better customer experience? What is it that customers want from them?

Customers expect recognition. They want to be remembered by the companies they frequently pay to receive a product or service in return. The year 2016 will bridge the technological gap between
e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. The ease of shopping online, will be made available to customers at their favorite retail stores. In addition to Loyalty Cards, personalized Customer Cards will act as a way to recognize the customers, their transaction history, the amount of money they will have spent buying products from the company, discounted offers based on their interests, and the ability to book or pre-purchase items available at the store.

Best Customer Service

Greater Number of Choices

Customers increasingly require a greater number of choices when it comes to making purchases, researching product information, the types of products, and different methods of payment. Thanks to technology, customers want increased interaction with companies through social media, mobile, and other digital mediums.

Self-service checkouts, although implemented by many retail giants, still have to cross over to small and medium sized stores. Hence, the hassle of lining up in queues is something that customers expect to not experience anymore, and companies which implement easier ways for customers to pay, will be the ones that stay ahead in the competition.

Staying in Touch with Customers

Customers today demand better customer service. It is important for companies to build an emotional bond with customers, and make customer service increasingly effective, and easy. The advent of technology has enabled customers to explore emerging channels of communication, and methods of preemptive service. Companies thus, must use past interactions with customers as insights, and adapt to new technologies to stay in touch with their customers and regularly communicate with them through personalized interactions.

Staying True to Your Word

Customers turn away from companies which fail to keep their word, or attempt to lie or deceive customers into getting something they don’t want. So, if a clothing company communicates a message saying that there is a flat 50% discount on all product lines on a specific day, and it turns out that only a specific number of items have been discounted, the customer will most likely never visit that store again.

Companies must do their utmost to develop credibility in the minds of their customers. When goodwill is generated, word travels fast, and customers are highly likely to talk about their best experiences with companies, automatically promoting their products and services.