Providing great service is an essential component of organizing a successful event. When arranging an event, companies can make customers happy by anticipating their needs and offering them service which goes beyond their expectations before and after the event takes place. Maintaining a high standard of customer service is particularly important for an event management company since it helps generate positive word of mouth and referrals. When organizing an event, consider the following tips that will help companies offer better service experience and create a lasting impression.

Providing Customer Support via Social Media

The need for a strong social media presence has become crucial for event companies since it provides an efficient way to create buzz about the event and invite people. Companies can create events on social media websites such as Facebook, where guests can be RSVP’d. Alternatively, an e-invite can be emailed to the guests, which can be presented (On mobile phone) for entry.

Social media channels also make the lives of customers easier as they can easily inquire about information. Companies must ensure that information on social media is updated on a regular basis and all customer queries are responded to in a timely manner. This creates a positive first impression about the company organizing the event. If there are any changes such as event time or venue, reach out to your customers proactively and inform them about the change.

Convenient Booking and Ticket Delivery Service

Selling tickets to an event is one of the toughest undertakings for event management companies. Ideally, a ticket delivery system must be designed, which lets guests book and have tickets delivered at their doorstep. This system could work in conjunction with social media advertisements. When a user clicks on the ad, she/he could be redirected to the online ticket delivery portal. If customers feel reluctant to use their credit card for online payment, they could opt for cash-on-delivery option. Offering convenience and ease to your customers will work towards making the experience better for them.

Giving Directions and Managing Parking at the Event

Guests often experience distress and inconvenience finding the venue, which can be a major mood-killer just before the event. This problem can be ironed-out by providing clear directions on the invitation cards. You can print a map at the back of the invitation to make it convenient for your guests. Similarly, Google Maps could be deployed, that will mark direction on the guests’ phones or other GPRS devices.

Organizers should also ensure that there is ample parking space for all the guests. In addition to providing parking space, security of cars and valuables inside should also be guaranteed. In order to save guests from the hassle of finding parking, valet parking service could be introduced at the venue.

Focus On Customer Expectations

Event management companies should focus on ensuring premium service experience. Every attribute of an event should be tailored to exceed the expectations of the guests. Customers should never be made to wait in queues at the entrance; the process should be quick and efficient.

For customers coming to the event, signboards should be setup in addition to being adequately illuminated. The entrance and exit should be clearly marked, with directions to restrooms and other areas communicated through signboards. A Help desk should be set up at or near the entrance, so that guests are able to have their queries answered and get help from the management in case of emergencies. Similarly, have your staff wear “How can I help” badges so that people who have any kind of questions can get the help they need. Train your staff to be empathetic and attentive towards customers in order to deliver a positive service experience.