Millennials are the first truly digital generation and they are changing the rules for customer service. Many of them are entering their prime spending years and as compared to the baby boomers, they expect their customer experience to be more dynamic and holistic. According to Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse Research report, 68% of all millennials demand an integrated and seamless experience regardless of the channel.

Convenience is pivotal to millennials and they easily switch brands if their expectations are not met. They are technology dependent which also makes them more aware of their options. Chances are that before engaging with a particular company they have already done their preliminary research online. This changes the landscape of conventional customer services best practices.

It is fundamental that your customer service team is trained to deliver according to the expectations of millennial customers. Here are some key features that your customer service must encompass in order to be deemed absolutely millennial ready.

Quick, Simple and User Friendly

Customers want convenience and instant solutions to their problems. Your customers should be able to easily find each and every detail they need from you.  In a virtual setup where there is a pool of choices available, your company should focus on providing a simple and user-friendly experience. This includes:

  • Up-to-date FAQs section
  • Straightforward purchase path
  • Multilingual Live chat support for quick assistance

For millennials most brand interactions start online and mostly via mobile instead of a desktop or laptop. Having a mobile friendly website which is easily accessible on all devices has become essential.

Research shows that most millennials are not a fan of calling phone support as they hate having to wait and being put on hold. This makes round the clock, real time live chat on websites, social media and within business apps an essential tool which is quick and efficient when it comes to helping customers.

Personalization is a Norm

Rapid technological advances have enabled companies to leverage data to provide highly customized messages to customers which is something millennials like.They expect a customer service agent to know about their service history when they get in touch with them for assistance. Doesn’t it feel great when your favorite café remembers your preferences?

Adding a human element in your interactions will set you apart from other competitors in the market, which is why it is highly recommended to avoid using scripted responses when dealing with customers. This can be ensured with regular customer service training of the company’s staff to deliver personalized responses.

Listen and Understand

Millennial customers are big on giving feedback and ratings to companies. They are more likely to put in the effort to write a positive review if they have had a pleasant experience and a negative one for a poor experience. They are not afraid to speak their minds and social media is their oyster. They would immediately report a negative experience and share their stories with the world which creates a negative image for your company.

Listening and understanding your customers has become a necessity more than ever before. It is crucial that your team is collecting feedback from customers and is actually catering to their complaints and suggestions. For millennials it matters that their voice is being heard and their suggestions are being valued by a company.

You can also conduct mystery shopping to check if your service is millennial friendly. Based on the results, your service can be tailored accordingly.

What are the customer service practices that you feel are crucial for keeping millennial customers happy? Comment and share your experiences with us.