Customers have had enough of mundane and conventional customer service that companies offer. Smiling, listening carefully and being responsive are skills that representatives of most companies have executed and mastered, leaving little room for them to impact a customer.

In order to stand out from other providers and to win your customer’s loyalty, it requires brilliant and exceptional ideas that amaze the customer, bringing a smile to their face every time they hear the name of your brand.

Follow these simple yet effective ways to make your customer feel like a rock star, singing your songs.


Surprise Surprise

Comfy seats, good food and quick service are not a surprise. They are an essential part of quality service, but not a surprise. To build a loyal customer base who returns to you every time, requires you to make it to the center of their hearts. Delight your customers with gestures that they remember forever, such as cupcakes on their birthdays, hand-written notes and special discounts. Do the unexpected and you can expect your customers to forever praise and value your company.

Recently, Etihad Airways surprised British rock band Black Sabbath’s guitarist and songwriter, Tony Lommi, on his way to a show in Abu Dhabi with delightful customer service.

The Chef served a chocolate dessert, with a message in chocolate sauce saying “Welcome to Abu Dhabi, Tony + Maria! Have a great show. From your crew on Ey 20”. Surprising customers with such a memorable gesture wins their loyalty and enriches their experience with your service.

Tony Lommi wrote on one of his Facebook pages saying, “Look what was made for us by the chef on our flight to Abu Dhabi. His name was Kester Kaumann. The rest of the first class staff were really great too!”

Surprises such as these are remembered forever.

Personalize Your Service

Every customer can be made to feel special. With little effort and some planning, every customer can feel like a rock star. You don’t need to spend your entire budget on making a mark on your customer, but simple gestures that excite them. For example if you know that a couple is flying your airline for their honeymoon trip, you can give them gifts such as signed mugs or hand-written notes for best wishes or even a welcome bouquet of fresh flowers as they enter the aircraft.

For retail business, if someone has ordered their new born baby’s clothes from your shop or website, then you should give them a little teddy bear or even a small napkin with a congratulations quote. These efforts don’t cost much, but the impact is way more than a marketing campaign worth millions.

Engage Your Customer

Engaging your customers and asking them for their feedback is a strategy that always makes you win. Going up to the customer and asking him or her about how they would like the service delivered and what features they enjoy the most are useful resource for the company.

Calling up your customer and asking them how they would want the service to be updated and improved for their comfort can make them feel valued. Call and ask them what their favorite dish is on your menu, what they like about it and whether they have any suggestions to improve the menu.

Let your customers drive the service for you, customizing it to their own needs and making you the best service provider they will ever get.