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Often businesses have a diverse customer base and it becomes challenging to offer every customer a unique experience. Creating categories based on customer profiles will help you design experiences according to the expectations of a specific target audience. In order to optimize customer experience, start with segmentation of your customer base. For your regular customers, design the experience in a way that they feel privileged doing business with you. Occasional customers need more time and awareness regarding your brand, so concentrate your efforts towards building trust. You need to create a lasting first impression on walk-in customers, so make sure they are greeted and served in an exceptional manner. In order to please difficult customers, exceed their expectations, woo them with an amazing and memorable experience. Here’s a look at some tips to design customer experience for different kinds of customers!

Loyal Customers Deserve Royal Treatment

Loyal customers are the real asset of your company and they deserve special treatment. Go through the list of your loyal customers and reward them for staying with your company. Show them that you care, send these customers personalized e-mails and thank you cards regularly. Keep them informed about your upcoming ventures and give value to their suggestions. Send them free samples of new products and feature them in your blog posts. Stay in touch with these customers and invite them to your events and product launches.

Focus on Building Trust with Occasional Customers

These customers often shop from you on occasions such as sales. They mostly come from word of mouth marketing and take their time to trust your brand. These customers come with the intent to check out and compare your products with other brands so you need to gain their trust. Remember your occasional customers and greet them with their names. Ask these customers to visit your brand again, even if they don’t shop from you every time, thank them for visiting you and communicate with them regularly to win their trust.

Create a Comfort Zone for Walk-in Customers

For new customers creating a lasting and memorable first impression is vital. Make the walk-in customers feel welcomed and facilitated. Initiate the conversation with these customers to know their preferences and put in every effort to serve them in an efficient manner. Enlighten them about your product/service features and the benefits you offer to your customers. Give them friendly suggestions but don’t try to force them into buying from you. Create a comfort zone for these customers and thank them for their visit. Take their contact information and inform them when a new product/service is launched.

Give Time and Special Attention to Inquisitive Customers

While designing an experience for these customers you should make sure that they are given time and special attention. Encourage these customers to look around and see which product/service best suits their needs, talk to them in order to understand their preferences and offer them variety to stir their interest. These customers always want to explore more, so in order to make their experience better, let them check out various products/services and spend time explaining features and benefits of every one of them.

Exceed the Expectations of Difficult Customers

Difficult customers are really hard to please, most of the times they don’t know what they are looking for. These customers get annoyed easily, can find faults with your product/service, therefore you need to design their experience in a way that you exceed their expectations by offering them timely and quality service. For instance, if a customer tells you that he/she will return the product if it’s not what you have mentioned, let that customer try the product before purchase even if it’s not your policy and attach a gift card or a dinner coupon with the product to give a kind gesture to that customer.