Millennial customers are those born between the years 1980 and 2000. For many businesses, Millenials make up a large portion of their customer base. According to research by Accenture, there are roughly 80 million Millennials in the United States alone, and each year they spend approximately 600 billion dollars. It is no secret that great customer service requires insight into your customers. This is why you need to know all the different kinds of customers and work your way to customer service excellence by addressing and catering to all that is imperative to your customers. For example, millennial customers prefer digital, and in order to convince them of your exceptional customer service, it is vital to offer them what they want. Here are some factors that you will need to keep in mind when serving millennial customers!

Be Tech-Savvy

Millennial customers crave digital service, and believe that they are entitled to the convenience that comes along with it in return for their money. If you are not being tech savvy and not offering sound, digital friendly customer service, your business will come across as sloppy and old-fashioned to this generation of customers. These customers want to be able to access everything on their smartphones and tablets, and prefer shopping online instead of brick and mortar stores. Ensuring that your online presence is strong and seamless is crucial in order for your customer service to be qualified as excellent.

Customer Service

Break Stereotypes

Millennial customers want convenience and like to save time. Many of them conduct online research before making a shopping decision. They take pride in their ability to find the best businesses and the best deals out of all that they are being offered. In order to not only catch their eye but also get them to repeat purchase from you, standing out from among the many businesses out there, breaking stereotypes and taking on unconventional methods of selling becomes of the essence. Millennial customers are also inclined to experiment with new things, so it is important to keep up with new trends in order to keep your customers satisfied.

Be Honest with Them

Not only is this generation of customers intuitive and digitally advanced, they are also extremely skeptical of businesses, and so earning the trust of customers should be the primary focus of a flourishing business. There should be complete transparency and trust in your relationship with customers, and none of your products or services should be altered in representation, and there should be no hidden charges in shipping, delivery and purchasing prices. Millennial customers prize honesty in a business, and they will always prefer companies that make an effort to be honest in all aspects with communicating things to customers.

Personalized Service

The goal is to create a personal touch in your relationship with customers. Millennial customers expect engagement at a higher level, and will always prefer companies that consider them to be valuable and important to the business. While this generation of customers is advanced and futuristic, they feel more at ease when they are interacting with a helpful CSR regarding complaints or inquiries. Never undermine the importance of personalized customer experience, for that is the one thing that will get millennial customers to stick around.