As technology seeks to revamp anything and everything that comes its way, customer service, naturally, is no different.

Technology is the modern Midas: everything it touches, turns to gold. Except that the modern gold is “somewhat” different from traditional gold: it is not yellow, shiny, and expensive; instead, it is easy, portable and ultra-accessible. Imagine all that and apply it to customer service.

The Internet Generation

There is no shame in accepting the fact that the generation of today has its entire life hooked up to the World Wide Web. Everything they do is via the Internet – even if it is talking to their siblings in the next room. This is a testament to the ease of communication the Internet provides its users. And let us not forget, communication is the foundation stone of customer service. What happened in a period of days via letters hundreds of years ago is now done in a matter of seconds via the World Wide Web – you can receive your customers’ feedback in the blink of an eye.

What’s more is that, customers do not even have to talk to your customer service representatives over the phone anymore, they can leave an email or a “comment” on your website regarding your services or products and their job is done – and your job is a hundred times easier because you have their feedback right before your eyes in textual form. All that is left for you to do is to organize and catalogue the feedback in order to understand your customers’ opinion – and then act on making it (even) better.

The quicker and easier it is for your customers to contact you, the better it is for your company. Which takes us to the next step of technological empowerment of the customer.

Planet of the Apps

The smartphone. The smartphone is the next stage of cyber customer service that brings your company right to the fingertips of your customer – and that is exactly what you want.Customer Service Apps

In the modern world, it is apps galore – and it is a good thing. Where there is an app for everything from operating your bank account to turning on the torchlight, an app for your very own company can do wonders for your customers – and, in turn, for your business. If you run a shopping outlet, your customers can purchase your product with just a few clicks, without having to lift an inch off of their living room couch. Furthermore, they can register their feedback through the app, too, whenever and from wherever they like: it is like sitting face-to-face with all of your customers, at the same time, 24/7.

For the Organizations

So far we have discussed how technology has empowered the customer by making it easier and easier to purchase goods and services. Now it is time to evaluate the other end of the equation: the ease of the organization. And let us just be honest: whatever makes a transaction easy for the supplier, makes it easier for the receiver too.

The best news that technology brings to the supply side of the equation is that their product is now visible to – and accessible for –  significantly more consumers than it was without the help of modern tech. With digital marketing now in full swing, all you need to do is make a webpage/app/Facebook page and advertise it on the web. Within a matter of days, your products, catalogues, services, offers, deals, discounts – everything – will be exposed to thousands of internet-users who have never set foot in your outlet. It is even better for you if you provide the home delivery service because that will boost sales manifold, since it will lure the hundreds of people who cannot/do not wish to travel all the way to your establishment.

How does that improve customer service? The customers can view a plethora of products and services on their phones or computers, compare them with those from your company or any other, make their choice and make the purchase right from their devices – and take all the time they want in doing so. Their purchases will be dropped right on their doorstep so they practically do not have to do anything except for paying the cash. Win? Of course. For your customers and your company. Talk about a “win-win” situation.