Have you ever evaluated your own experiences as a customer? What do you really remember about a brand? Is it just the product or also the amazing customer service you received? No matter how much effort businesses put into developing a product/service, the overall customer experience matters a lot and it cannot be made satisfactory without paying attention to details. Small things like greeting your customers with a smile and giving them undivided attention might not seem like a big deal. However, for companies that dwell on product branding for success, it is in fact paying attention to minor details that really earns you customer loyalty. Here are a few small things that can make a huge difference!

Be a Good Observer of Your Customers’ Behavior

Your customer base consists of people with different personality traits. Different kinds of customers have different expectations; you cannot treat all your customers in a similar way. Be a good observer of different kinds of customers and treat them according to their needs. While a talkative customer might want your suggestions for a product purchase and would prefer discussing it with a sales rep, an introvert customer would not appreciate you asking too many questions or compelling him/her for a buying decision. Hire competent people in your team who know how to smartly handle different kinds of customers.

Customer Observer

Take Care of your Customers’ Unspoken Needs

If you really want to be one of those brands that customers love and recommend to their friends and family, start taking care of their unspoken needs. While a customer walks in your store on a hot summer day, offer him/her a refreshing drink or juice, a small gesture on your part would make the customer feel valued. For women customers you can have female sales reps especially for female products. Having a kids’ play area would make it convenient for the families to shop at your store. Take care of these little things and customers would prefer doing business with you for understanding their needs.

Cater to Every Customer as your First Customer

Treat every customer as your first customer and put in all your effort to make the experience satisfying for him/her. Interact with your customers in a friendly way and show your gratitude that you are really happy to have them on board. If a customer enquires about a product’s features or asks for a refund/exchange, respond promptly to the query/complaint. Be friendly with your customers and even if you are stressed out because of work or some personal issue, your customers should never suffer because of that. Make every interaction with your customer on each touch point count and try your best to make the customer happy.

Offer a Personalized and Memorable Experience

Creating a personalized and memorable customer experience would go a long way in winning you customer loyalty. Remembering what your customers like and prefer would make them develop an affinity with your brand. For example, if you are running a restaurant you should know what kind of drinks your repeat customers order, what is their favorite entrée, what spice level they prefer. You can make their experience better by offering them free “Soup of the day” or a new dessert. Customers with food allergies can be served with special meals that are free of allergens. Making your customers feel that you truly care for them and their personal preferences would not only win their hearts but is likely to earn you word of mouth referrals.

Little Things in your Customer Service Count Most

When it comes to delivering excellent customer service, it is the little things that if taken care of ardently, make the customer journey worthwhile.

Little things that you need to pay attention to include helping out the lost and confused customers and showing small gestures of kindness. Hire a representative with good communication skills to deal with lost customers; they might turn out to be your most loyal clients. A café offering its customers bestsellers to read at their coffee table, a salon offering its waiting customers foot massage and a clothing brand where customers are given accessories to try on along with the dresses with complimentary hairdo would definitely excel among their competitors winning more customers.

If you have any other ideas that will make the customer experience better, feel free to share them in the comments below!