Customer Service Representatives act as a link between the company and the customer. As these people are the first point of contact, they play an important role in representing the entire organization and creating an image about the company in the mind of the customer. From answering queries to providing directions to demonstrating product use, he/she can make or break a customer relationship. Attending to complaints is a very crucial role of the CSR. He/she needs to understand customer problems and issues.

A good CSR will have qualities such as listening skills, problem solving abilities, effective communication skills, ability to understand the customer, be goal oriented and flexible.

Today customers are bombarded with information via different mediums. So how do you stand out and make the conversation more effective? Here is a list of things that can help you conduct better conversations with your customers which will enhance the customer experience:

Be Patient and Consistent

Being able to listen to customers and their needs is the primary duty of the CSR. Other than that he/she should offer high quality services consistently. For example, if a client contacts you complaining about a product, you need to understand his problems, empathize with him and suggest a solution. The same personalized treatment should be given every time the customer approaches the CSR.

Understand Individual Needs

It is important to treat customers at the individual level. Each customer is unique and has a varying set of needs. Let’s take an example of people looking to buy cars. One person wants a stylish car that reflects his/her personality. Another customer is looking for a reliable car for a large family. The CSR must understand and address the needs of each client distinctively which leads to better conversations. Your conversation and communication will vary according to the age group and interests of the customer. You need to communicate with customers via different strategies to keep them interested.

Have the Knowledge

The customer relies on you for information. You must have all the details about products and services, its uses and how it will satisfy customer needs. You should always be well informed on various aspects because the customer can ask anything. Without having the knowledge of your product, you will not be able to help your customers when they have a problem they need you to handle.

Provide Answers

When providing support to clients, listen to their case patiently and accordingly give appropriate answers. A client who calls up a CSR asking about his account details wants a quick and accurate response. If he is made to wait for a long time and is connected to a number of people in different departments, he will probably be frustrated and will consider the service useless. A long hold time on the phone is annoying for everyone. When calling customer support, it should not take forever to provide an answer or resolve the issue for the customer.

Ability to End a Conversation

You should be able to end the conversation on a pleasant tone and leave the customer feeling that everything has been taken care of. Always have a proper closing which includes words such as “Thank You”, “Goodbye” and “Have a good day”. Never give customers the feeling that you hung up in the middle of the conversation. The conversation should be complete and the solution should be satisfactory.