Customers are the most valuable asset for any business. While you look forward to creating a strong bond with them, the first step is to thank and appreciate them. Instead of using the conventional, predictable ways of thanking the customers, go the extra mile and make the experience memorable for them. A great gesture from your side can make the customers feel an association with your brand that is likely to earn you customer loyalty. Here are a few tips to thank your customers in a more sincere and delightful way.

Build a Personal Connection

Make a list of your customers who are regular or loyal customers. They deserve more than just a “Thank you” card or email. Invite such customers over for coffee or dinner and know them better to strengthen your relationship. An interactive meeting with your customers is a unique idea for hearing them out and making them feel welcomed.

Remember them on Special Occasions

Thank your customers by celebrating their special days. Remembering the birthdays and wedding anniversaries of your loyal customers would make them happier than ever. Surprise them by sending a gift and cake on their birthday or even other special occasions. Remember your loyal customers during the holiday season and send them discount coupons along with a thank you note. This is a great way to appreciate your customers and it will make them remember you.

Feature them in Ads and Videos

Thank and appreciate your customers through your marketing campaign. You can also feature them in videos and ads. A video ad about your customers would stir a sense of pride in them; share it on social media to elevate the excitement. You can also take their comments and publish them in your blog posts. You can ask for a customer’s review and post it with his/her name on your website and social media. Also a short blog post about thanking a lifelong customer is a thoughtful way to delight him/her.

Send them Gifts they would Appreciate

It is a traditional ritual to give away gifts to people you feel grateful to, however a gift becomes more precious if it is selected according to the choice of a person. Personal likings of the customers can be gauged through surveys on social media. You can then send a tech savvy customer a gadget, a coffee lover free coupons to a popular cafe, those who love the cinema free tickets to a much awaited movie and for those who love food, a free family dinner to the best restaurant in town. Send a personalized note along every gift you send to bring happiness to your customers.

Woo your Customers with a Gesture they Won’t Forget

There are several stories of exceptional customer service spread across social media. One such inspiring example is the effort made by Ritz Carlton. A customer’s son staying at the hotel forgot his stuffed toy “Joshie” (A giraffe) at the hotel during their stay. The customer told his son not to worry since Joshie had stayed back to extend the vacation. The customer then called up the staff at Ritz Carlton and told them what had happened. The staff found Joshie and made the story real by sending the kid a collage of photos of Joshie spending a day at the spa, swimming pool and going out for a trip. Through this amazing gesture, Ritz Carlton won that customer and several others. Woo your customers in a similar way and set an example for others to follow.