For businesses the secret to success lies in offering unrivalled customer service, however it requires knowing your customers’ mindset and distinctive needs. It is a fact that every person is different from the other but understanding some common traits of the human mind can help you with improving customer satisfaction. Another advantage of understanding consumer behavior is that you can develop a strong and lasting bond with your customers. Here are some psychological insights that can help you in offering a worthwhile customer experience.

Make the Customers Feel “Special” or “Superior”

It is an inherent desire of every human to be part of a group or clan that elevates his/her status. People like to be labeled as “responsible” or “special.” Couture brands smartly use this psychological approach for attracting customers; it works equally well for customer retention, since buyers do not want to leave a brand that makes them feel “unique.” Make your customers develop a sense of belonging with your brand and they would stay loyal to you for years to come.

Understanding Customer Needs

Understanding the needs of your customers would help you in devising a plan of action to improve satisfaction levels. You can work on segmentation of your customers and develop strategies accordingly. For instance, if a greater ratio of your customers are buyers who have a limited budget you can pitch in products that are not pricey and trendy. For bargain hunters you can use techniques like smart business copy writing and psychological pricing. Surprise the shopaholics with likable product bundles and deals. By catering to every customer’s distinctive needs you are likely to emerge as a brand that “truly knows its customers”, also earning you an edge over your competitors.

Instant Reward Can Work Wonders

You would hardly find a shopper who would say no to a gift or discount card. The human mind gets excited while waiting for a reward. However, do not make your customers wait too long for it, an instant reward is likely to make them happier and loyal to you. The sole purpose of an incentive should be to give a gesture to your customers that you are grateful to them for their trust. You can offer membership cards, thank you gift items and discount coupons. Do not wait for the second visit of a new customer; give him/her immediate reward as a token of appreciation for choosing your products/services. This will make them remember you.

Be Loyal to Your Customers

Going overboard by making false promises and then not fulfilling them is quite a common mistake made by businesses. If you are looking for a long lasting relationship with your prospects, be honest with them. Admitting your mistakes and limitations will enhance your image as a business that is honest. The best way to implement this approach is to offer solutions alongside, if your customers are not happy with a product/service apologize to them with the conviction that you will genuinely resolve their issue.

The “wow” Factor

Human mind always yearns for something unique and out of the blue. Offering your customers an “exclusive” product/service is likely to win you a prominent position among your competitors. Adding a surprise element to your offerings would turn your prospects into loyal customers. Most of the shoppers make a buying decision after checking out various brands, the only way to grab their attention is “being different and exceptional.” Do thorough market research and come up with something that is appealing enough to stir buyers’ interest.