Have you ever thought what it takes to create a memorable customer experience? What are the key factors that make one brand excel in making an experience so remarkable for customers that they keep on coming back to it? While many businesses strive to offer their customers good service there are only a few that manage to create a difference by providing exceptional customer service. In order to create a memorable experience for customers you need to think out of the box, following traditional practices is not likely to make your customers remember you. An amazing and memorable customer experience is more than being nice and courteous to your customers, it involves gestures that make your customers feel privileged and valued. Here are a few tips that are likely to create an unforgettable experience for your customers!

Offer Gratifying, Quick and Personalized Service

Your customers are likely to remember you if they receive delightful, quick and personalized service. If for instance a customer walks into your store and inquires about a product, great service would be to greet and welcome him/her, a CSR should step forward introducing him/herself as the delegated rep for that customer during the visit. The representative should then offer the customer immediate and relevant solutions to his/her query. If that customer likes a product but wants to modify it according to his/her liking, be very facilitating and tell the customer that you will get it done, note instructions and give a receipt mentioning delivery time. Give a handwritten thank you card along with it and appreciate the customer’s visit. Now in this scenario you have given your customer a lot of good memories that he/she would remember and share.

Train Your CSRs to Think Like Your Customers

Another essential element of making an experience memorable for customers is to serve them in a way that they feel, you value their expectations. This involves empathizing with them and it can only be possible if you train your CSRs to think like your customers. Every business has a different customer base and therefore to know your customers’ inclinations and expectations, you need to research on them. Make it mandatory for your CSRs to get well-acquainted with the demographics and psychographics of your customers. Develop training workshops which help them solve and address customer issues. Form a team of emotionally intelligent people who know how to handle different kinds of customers in the best possible way. This strategy is likely to make your customer experience truly gratifying.

Identify the Emotional Drivers of Your Customers

The third factor that you need to consider for an exceptional customer experience is to identify the emotional drivers of your customers and ensure that you take care of every single thing important to them. Interact with your customers and get to know their preferences. Once you know the emotional drivers of your customers, you would be able to create a worthwhile experience for them. If for instance, you have a customer base consisting of young people, two of their emotional drivers can be adventure and fun, if it is married people it would be kids and family. Based on this you can make the experience emotionally satisfying for your customers.

Make Every Customer Feel Valued and Special

One of the things that every customer wants is a gesture that he/she is very valuable and special to a business. While there are conventional ways of making a customer feel special, you can win the hearts of your customers by going an extra mile for them. If for instance, a repeat customer walks into your store and realizes that he/she does not have enough money or puts an item on hold for a day or two, give away the product and tell the customer that he/she can pay in a day or two. Such a gesture on your part would make the customer feel valued and it would develop a reliable and lasting customer relationship. Gestures like these would not only help in creating amazing experiences but they would go a long way in building your image as a brand who values customers.

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Empower Your Customers

Empowering your customers, giving them the liberty to express their suggestions and solutions and encouraging them to participate in formulating a strategy for great customer service would make them your brand advocates. Treat your customers as partners, thank them for doing business with you and give them the leverage to advise you in your upcoming ventures. If for instance, you are planning to launch a new product, instead of marketing it on social media, start a discussion on what your customers think a new product should have, what are the features that can make it stand out in the market. Make your customers feel like analysts and marketers, value their feedback and see how they remember this gesture of yours and spread a word about it commending that you have made them feel empowered.

Be Generous Towards Your Customers

Another key element that can make your customer experience truly memorable is being generous towards your customers. Customers like to be rewarded and they are likely to remember you if they get special discounts and gifts. Entitle your regular customers to regular discounts and offers, send them their most favorite items on their birthdays and arrange special entertainment events for your customers. On special occasions and days give away little gifts to every customer who shops from you. Be flexible and accommodating towards your customers.