A customer success manager is not only responsible for catering to clients’ needs and enhancing the service experience but he/she is also involved in the sales process and building client relationships. Therefore, while hiring a CSM, you need to look out for the right mix of skills. He/she should have the passion for customer service and the ability to think out of the box to resolve issues and retain clients. A CSM should have experience in sales, customer service, marketing and project management. He/she should be well-acquainted with the latest trends in the service industry and should have the drive to innovate service experience. He/she should have leadership qualities as well since a CSM has to keep the teams motivated and get things done in an efficient manner. A good CSM always knows that client feedback is a goldmine of information that should be utilized to improve the service experience. Have a look at some essential qualities that every CSM needs to have!

Should be Goal Oriented and Organized

A CSM should be goal oriented and organized. He/she should set monthly and quarterly goals for improving the experience and client retention rate to gauge the effectiveness of the strategies being used. A CSM should keep a track of sales data and client support tickets to know what clients need and what steps should be taken to resolve issues and deliver better service to them. A CSM needs to stay on top of everything and keep a checklist of all tasks, so that nothing important is missed. A goal oriented and organized CSM is likely to get you a strong customer base.

Should Have Emotional Intelligence

An emotionally intelligent CSM would understand clients’ emotional needs and is likely to build an enthusiastic customer success team. If you want to have a client-centric culture within your organization, you need to have a CSM with emotional intelligence. He/she should know how to interpret various emotions and deal with challenging situations. EQ would also help him/her in designing a satisfactory service experience. An emotionally intelligent CSM is likely to help customer service teams in staying focused and motivated during difficult times and serving clients according to their expectations.

Should Have Customer Service, Sales and Project Management Experience

The role of a CSM is more than delivering stellar customer service, he/she has to manage various processes that lead to client retention. A CSM is also involved in the sales process where he/she might be upselling and cross selling products/service to clients. Project management is yet another discipline that a CSM should be familiar with in order to ensure that things are done as planned and in a timely manner. So while hiring a CSM, you need to look out for an individual who has customer service, sales and project management experience so that he/she can competently manage various roles.

Should be Responsible and Proactive

A professional CSM engages with all clients on his/her list and nurturs a strong relationship with them. A CSM has to be responsible and proactive, he/she should know how to prioritize every client’s needs. A good CSM always steps up to understand what a client wants and puts in every effort to make him/her contented. A CSM knows that active and personalized communication is essential for connecting with clients and therefore focuses on building trust and lasting relationship with them.

Should Have the Charisma to be the Face of a Company

Another essential quality to look for in a CSM is that he/she should have the charisma to be the face of a company. A CSM represents a business, he/she should have a personality that makes clients feel he/she can foster change and has the ability to deliver value to them. A CSM should be confident and needs to have good people skills. He/she should have the perseverance to face challenges and lead others. A charismatic CSM would not only help you nurture strong client relationships but is likely to strengthen your image as a business that is truly customer-centric.