In order to provide exemplary customer service, it is vital to get actionable feedback from customers. However, gathering feedback can turn out to be a difficult endeavor for businesses, since customers are not interested in answering boring and lengthy questions that take too much time to answer. The most conventional questions such as “Are you satisfied with our service?”, “Add your Comments about our Service” have always been so frequently asked in customer feedback forms that customers don’t bother to give an honest opinion about them. While you know that it is important to take customers’ opinions and suggestions, the only way to take actionable feedback from them is to create questions that your customers feel inclined to answer. While gathering feedback about your product, service and CSRs, draft your questions in a simple and informal tone to get real feedback from customers. Here are five questions that can be used by every business to get actionable customer feedback!

Ask Customers to Name their Favorite Product/Service


The first question that you should be asking from your customers is to name their favorite product/service. Such a question is likely to be answered by most of the customers. Instead of looking for a detailed overview of your business, if you start off with simple questions, the process of feedback would get easier and more credible. For instance, if you are a business that sells clothes for women, men and children, such a question is likely to get you better feedback. Product or service rating will only tell you the level of a customer’s satisfaction but by knowing about every individual customer’s preference you can improve every individual product.

What Should We Add to Our Products/Service?


Questions like “Please give us some suggestions or advice” are vague and don’t really convey what you are trying to ask. So when it comes to getting feedback on the missing elements of your product/service ask them, “What should we add to our products/service?” For instance, if you are running a restaurant, there will be customers who would want new cuisines or desserts to be added to the menu. You are likely to get valuable suggestions in response to this question, it would encourage customers to express their personal preferences and suggestions on the kind of food and service they want. Updating your product catalogue according to the suggestions of customers and offering them a service that they want is likely to enhance customer satisfaction.

Who is Your Favorite CSR and Why?


Most of the feedback questionnaires have questions like “Was the service quick”? “Was the staff friendly”? Instead if this, you could ask your customers to name their favorite CSR and the reason why they like that customer service rep. Such feedback will help you in not only rewarding your most competent staff but also dedicating resources to clients according to their own choice and preference. It does not matter if you are running a retail shop or a software company and what sort of customer base you are catering to, customers would have their favorite representatives whom they are likely to ask for. Therefore, getting feedback on that would help you designate resources for managing their accounts and offering them personalized experience.

Are We Serving You the Way You Want?


There are always some loopholes in the service that you want your customers to point out, however, many customers feel reluctant to give a detailed review of your service flaws in the surveys. In order to get the honest opinion of your customers regarding the issues, ask them, “Are we serving you the way you want?” This will make customers reveal what is not right with the product/service and whether you have met their expectations or not. This question will help you figure out the customer service issues and proactively resolve them so that you can improve the service for existing and future customers.

What Are Your Suggestions for Improving Service Experience?


Evaluating customer experience is one of the most crucial elements of a feedback survey. However, individual questions regarding consistency, frustrations and best parts of the experience are not ardently answered by customers. So the best way to take suggestions from your customers is to ask them, “What do you suggest us for improving your experience?” Answers to this question are likely to give you a thorough insight on how your customers want you to modify and improve the experience.