As more and more people become health conscious, there is a growing demand for fitness centres and health clubs. However, gym members expect a certain level of customer service since they are investing their time and money on a regular basis. The fitness industry can do a lot better if they pay attention to the needs and demands of the customers and ensure that their members receive exceptional customer experience. Here are a few tips which can help fitness centres up their level of customer service.

Maintenance of Equipment

Nobody wants to go to a gym where half the machines don’t work and this is why gym owners should always ensure that all the equipment is working well. Not only that, the equipment should also be up-to-date as gym members pay a substantial amount at a health club and expect access to the best available products in the market.

Having the best equipment would take a backseat if it is not kept in top-notch condition, it is vital to make sure that all the equipment present in the gym is clean for the customers to use. Each time a customer uses an equipment, it should be wiped with an anti-bacterial product to make sure that anyone else does not come in contact with the germs produced as a result of sweating.

The gym on the whole should be spotless so that customers can choose to exercise anywhere they want and they don’t have to worry about the hygiene of the place.

Provision of Basic Necessities

Gyms should provide the basic utilities to its members, such as lockers, shower rooms, etc. Gyms which offer these services have a better chance of retaining customers. Customers on the other hand not only appreciate these gestures, they expect them.

Locker rooms are vital as members often come to the gym from offices and need a place to change. Gyms should always provide this facility so that the members can lock away their valuables while they workout. Water dispensers are essential and anyone who has ever been to a gym can attest to that. Members who work out strenuously would require water and the gyms should make sure that they have a number of water dispensers in the gym along with disposable glasses.

Providing customers with all these facilities would ultimately please them and would also give you an advantage over your competitors.

First Aid Facility

Even if you believe nothing can go wrong in your gym, make sure that it is equipped with a first aid box. Although every machine comes with its own warning message, there are always chances for an accident or an emergency situation where a member could need immediate care. Having someone trained to take care of an emergency situation is a good idea as well.

Precautions like these can help businesses assure their customers that their safety comes first and that the business would constantly strive to provide them with a safe and hazard free environment.

Have a Good Ambience

People like to be surrounded by perfection and they would go to a place which appeals to them aesthetically. Make sure there are motivational messages or pictures of physically fit people to inspire people.

You don’t want people to be greeted by a bad odor so it is necessary to spray some kind of fragrance after intervals so that the air remains clean and fresh throughout. The first thing a member might notice would be the kind of music which is being played in the gym, make sure that it is appropriate to the gym activities.

Don’t fill your gym with so much equipment that people start to view it as crowded. Leave spaces to make it airy and also convenient for the members. Also, the temperature of the gym has to be according to the weather so that the members can work out in peace. For example, it is impossible for anyone to work out without an air conditioner in summers as gyms get too stuffy so it is necessary to provide your customers with comfortable surroundings.

Health Exercise

Personal Training

Personal training has become quite popular now and people are enthusiastically opting for it as they feel they require the necessary guidance and supervision of a trained fitness individual. Also, exercising without a plan would not help a member achieve the desired results so it is understandable for them to appoint a trainer to help them create a routine which will help them.

Personal training requires individual attention and it is very important to ensure that your members are getting the attention they have paid for. Often trainers waste time by carrying out conversations with the members or play favorites which demotivates the rest of the people. On the other hand, some trainers act like drill sergeants and that too is quite damaging for an individual’s self-esteem. Trainers need to be considerate and should devise individual plans for members based on the goals they want to achieve. This is an important part of personalizing the customer experience. Make sure that your trainers have the right attitude and are paying individual attention to customers.

Diet plans are essential and should be crafted according to an individual’s health and body type. It is irrational to think that a standard diet plan would help everyone and good trainers are equipped to deal with such situations. Good trainers really add to the reputation of the gym and this is why gyms should always hire trainers who have accurate know-how of fitness training and reliable certifications.

Offer Rewards to Your Valued Customers

To ensure customer loyalty and to keep members motivated, gyms should introduce some sort of reward service. Delight your customers with occasional movie tickets, gym/fitness merchandise or membership discounts, this would keep them motivated. Indulge them by organizing free health training sessions and call in the experts so that your members can be further educated about how to stay in shape. All these efforts add to the customer experience and ensure your gym members stay with you instead of going to a competitor.