Whether you are running an online flower business or have a local shop, quality and friendly customer service can go a long way in building a lifelong relationship with your customers. A delightful customer experience is more than just having trained florists on your team, it involves giving special treatment to every customer, listening to them attentively, being honest to them about your policies, making deliveries on time and appreciating them for choosing to do business with you. Have a look at some of the following tips which will help florists improve customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction!


Pay Attention to Little Things

Considering minute details when providing service can win you countless customers. Start with the greeting ritual, give a friendly smile and ask the customers’ names for addressing them. Pay attention to the cleanliness and décor of your shop, it can play a vital role in attracting customers towards your business. Make sure that all the flowers are arranged nicely in eye catching pots or vases, discard the withered ones immediately. Add colors to your shop by painting the walls with appealing floral themes. Keep your payment procedures simple and make sure that all orders are delivered on time. In case there is a chance of delay, inform your customers beforehand.

Offer Your Customers Variety, Uniqueness and Competitive Price

If you want your customers to choose you over your competitors, offer them variety, uniqueness and a likable price range. There are countless florists in the market; providing your customers with an array of choices and having an attractive flower display would definitely compel potential customers to buy from you. Keep your price range reasonable enough to make them feel you are offering a complete package. Improve and update your product list on a regular basis to keep the customers coming back to you. Keep on adding seasonal and new flowers to your list. Give your customers something new more often so that they recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

Surprise Your Customers and Personalize the Experience

If a customer wants to send flowers to his/her spouse on their wedding anniversary, adding a free customized greeting card, chocolates or cupcakes to the bouquet would turn out to be a great surprise for your customer. Such a gesture would make your customer feel you truly care about his/her sentiments. You can further strengthen your relationship with customers by offering them a personalized experience. Give your customers the leverage of picking and arranging flowers according to their choice. Give custom options for the wrapping sheets and décor. Also offer them the choice to personalize a greeting card to be attached along. By valuing your customers’ personal preferences you are likely to make the experience exceedingly pleasing for them.


Reach Out to Repeat Customers Proactively

Customers these days prefer businesses that strive to develop personal connections with them. In order to retain customers and keep them happy, you need to adopt a smart business approach that involves frequent communication with your regular customers. Get comment cards filled from your customers and use the contact details to connect with them regarding new product arrivals and update them about your discount deals. Call your repeat customers and seek their feedback on your products/service, value their suggestions and thank them personally for availing your services. Make social media profiles of your business and actively engage your customers on social media platforms.

On Special Occasions, Focus on Service Rather Than Money

While some florists use special occasions and festivities to generate more revenue, you can use these days to improve customer experience and create brand affinity for your floral business. Offer your customers free delivery and amazing deals. Instead of taking too many orders, focus on offering quality and timely service on special occasions since it can turn out to be a huge competitive advantage for you. Make the special days more special for your customers by saving them time, money and trouble. On Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve and other occasions put in extra effort to make sure that you deliver on the promised delivery time without compromising on the quality of flowers. Such practice can win you customer loyalty.

Reward Your Loyal Customers with Thoughtful Gifts

Appreciation is what every customer wants and if you want to be one of those businesses that customers feel an inclination for, express your gratitude in the form of gifts and rewards. Giving away small tokens of appreciation to your customers would make them feel special. Some of the gift items that you can give to your customers include perfumes, scented candles and aromatic essence kits. You can also create segments of your customer base and then design special gifts for every group according to their liking. You can send these gifts on your customers’ birthdays or anniversaries bundled up with a signature bouquet and a hand written thank you card.